Thank you for visiting my site, it is so lovely to welcome you to my colourful corner of  the web! To kick this off I thought it I’d share a bit of my art journey with you. I mentioned in the “about me’ section that it has been a winding one so far. To expand it has been a journey of many many stops and a few lack lustre starts.

I love art. I love to create it, share it and consume it. It was my first love. I remember, as a child,  drawing for hours at time. I loved art in school, and thrived in it all the way through.

I wish I had studied Art past A-level, but being the good Caribbean girl that I was, I followed a more conventional professional path to an amazing career in Engineering, (Yep I am also a bit of a geek…🤓), and then life took over…

I want to fulfil my dream of being an Artist, to create beautiful pieces that bring people joy. But apart from finding the time to create around a full time job (that I love), and a family, knowing that I don’t have an art degree or formal qualification is probably the biggest thing that has held me back from really throwing my all in to realising this dream.

Once every few years I’d sign up to a short art course to compensate. I’ve done a few, but still the self doubt would surface. The things I’ve said to myself;

“No one will take you seriously”

“You’ve been and engineer for so long how can you now be an artist?”

“Your work won’t look sophisticated”

“The world is already filled with actual qualified artists… best you don’t bother sweetie… you don’t want to look stupid”…

And just like that I’d Give in (up)… “yeah you are probably right” no point putting myself out there to look stupid. Be vulnerable”. so I’d pack my art stuff away… and get back to regular programming.

I’d go through this cycle probably every few years. And to be completely honest… I really don’t know why.

The most at peace I ever feel, is when I am in the flow of creating. It truly nurtures my soul and I love the end product! So why did I deny myself that joy just because I didn’t do the degree? or just because I’ve built a successful career in a completely opposite field? When we see art that speaks to us do we care if the artist had an art degree or a day job in something else? Truthfully … no, it really doesn’t matter.

So this time, I’m pushing through those doubts and going all IN.  I realise that the joy of creating far surpasses any fear or doubt that was holding me back.

This time, I’m standing firm in the belief that if I create from a place of authenticity and joy, my art will speak to who it needs to, zero degrees needed!


Have a beautiful day!

(Image is of my beautiful mini me doll hand made by Shannon Reed of Mockingbird Makes, you can find her on Instagram)